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Read Health Chart from A to Z

You have red A, B, C in your childhood, but today, I’m going to tell you a different kind of A, B, C. The only difference is, it does not contain any English explanation rather it shows different diseases at different ages.
A for Alcohol:
Many researches show that women are much addicted to alcohol than men. This increases the chances of breast cancer in them and also increases, many diseases of liver and brain.
B for Brittle Bones:
In this illness, the bones start getting cracks. So, calcium and vitamin d is very useful for them. These can be obtained from supplements and tablets, also, fruits and vegetables should be eaten. They also provide potassium and calcium to the body.
C for Cervical Cancer:
A vaccination is produced from the safety HPV, which is 100% effective and protects from this virus. This actually becomes the reason of cervical cancer. If a vaccination should be provided to the patient, then there are 70% of chances that the patient be treated soon.
D for Depression:
It is caused because of the attitude of the society mostly. A recent report says that, today, everyone is suffering from depression. It is better to consult a physician for this problem.
D for Diabetes:
Those, who live an inactive life, always suffering from obesity, which causes type 2 diabetes. It can become a reason for heart problems. Thirst and decreasing of weight are its common symptoms.
E for Endometriosis:
In this disease, female reproductive system faces a problem of breaking of tissues. In every month, bleeding starts from these tissues, which are also the reason of pain. Those women, who eat red meat, usually face this problem.
F for Fibroids:
It is the tumor in abdomen, which is very common in women. If the problems of constipation and continuous pain show in the body, then the patient should consult a doctor. Otherwise, it will be the way for cancer in the body.
G for Gallstones:
Stones in the liver are becoming a very severe problem. Its chances are more when a person is more aged or if someone is having obesity. It does not bear any sign earlier, but afterwards, the most common sign is, and the patient feels pain in liver. He may also feel nausea and may have vomiting. It can be treated through surgery.
H for Her2:
It is a protein which is present on the surface cancer cells. The HER2 test can tell about the breast cancer.
I for Incontinence:
The problem of the flow of a fluid of coughing, laughing or after exercise is found in 1 out of 5 women after the age above forty. It is treated by surgery.
J for Joint Pain:
Joint pain is also a very severe problem. It can be cured by taking medicines and those foods which contain Omega 3 Fats.
K for Kidney Stones:
The waste materials which are left in the kidney and does not diffuse through urine combine together to form stones in it. The small ones can be released through urine, but the larger one, Laposy, is treated only through laser or operation.
L for Lung Problem:
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary or Lung Cancer is highly fatal than Breast Cancer. In this disease,
the respiratory vessel becomes congested and lungs cannot work properly, which results in the death of the person.
M for Menopause:
It is a woman’s problem, after which she feels that she is not going to live happy now. She feels depressed, hot flushes, changing of mood etc. But it is not true; she can live more happily by having a proper food and by doing daily based exercises.
N for Night Eating Syndrome:
Improper food eating habits at night can be very harmful and most of the people tried to take carbohydrates and sugar made dishes at that time.
O for Ovarian Cancer:
Ovary Cancer is also a very fatal disease. Its symptoms are nausea, food poisoning, swelling of abdominal area, and understandable pain in abdomen and back.
P for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:
It can be cured by taking the medicines of Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, and its symptoms are pregnancy related issues, high blood pressure, increasing weight, thinning hair etc.
R for Rosacea:
Its symptoms are redness on face and burning, thread like emerges to face. It is not very harmful, but it does not look good. Antibiotics can cure it.
S for Sexual Health:
As the age increase, it finishes the sexual health of a person. The organs get an infection, which can be harmful.
T for Thyroid Problems:
The symptoms are Less or more Weight, sweating, anxiety, fast rate of heart beat, some problems of eye sight etc. it should be treated soon.
U for Uterine Cancer:
It is ignored by many of the women, but it is very harmful. It should be treated as soon as possible.
V for Varicose Veins:
This is cured by surgery and by injecting chemicals through injections.
W for Waist Measurement:
Experts say that the more the size of your waist, the more are the chances of heart problems.
X for Xeno-Oestrogens:
These chemical materials are present in insect killing sprays and plastic-made items, which cause the cancer in humans. So, it is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as they do not contain any harmful thing in them,
Y for Yeast Infections:
This problem is due to bacteria’s improper functioning. These bacteria are present to make the immune system stronger, but when they work in the opposite way, they become very harmful to the body.
Z for Zinc:
It is an important mineral which is very useful to the health of every person. It is useful for the immune system, production of insulin, and the growth of prostaglandins. These glands, balance the hormones of the body. Stress, smoking, and the use of alcohol show the deficiency of zinc. The improper diet is also an another sign of its deficiency.

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